142 Belle Forest Circle Nashville TN        

Throwbacks puts the sizzle in food, drink and good times. I'm Steve Gehlmann, proprietor, and it's also brought me full circle. I came back to Nashville in 2009 to take care of my ill father after selling a financial services business in Chicago. To my delight I discovered Nashville had grown up into a truly vibrant, cultural city. And with such a fantastic group of friends from back in the 80's it only took three months to start asking "why not stay here."

Later that year I met the the love of my life, Angie, at the Bellevue Pub. I heard stories from the regulars about how this place had been a great neighborhood gathering place going back 25 years. Everyone longed to have it back in top form. In my teens and twenties, I'd paid my dues in all aspects of the hospitality business. So when I stepped in with the long-held dream of owning a bar and grill, it wasn't like I was going in cold.

Angie and I took on the goal of completely remodeling, revitalizing and rebranding the pub with a crisp character and back to the future feel. Keep the old school vibe, we thought, and the great music that's rocked the test of time. We wanted a buoyant place where it's about social networking unplugged, a female-friendly space framed with real dart boards, a classic shuffleboard table, serious live music staging, and karaoke nights - all punctuated with great beer, spirits, and superb food done right.

The name hit Angie in an inspired flash, Throwbacks. And here we are. We're a place to meet your friends and make some more. Come and meet our friendly staff, enjoy great food & drink, daily specials and throwback to where you once belonged.

Ask the bartender about daily specials!!

    Head on down to Bellevue in West Nashville. We're a skip and a jump from the intersection of Old Hickory and Hwy 70s.

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